Work To Retirement Transition Services

We work hard every day to help our clients accumulate money in their 401(k) Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts. Now, more and more of our clients request assistance with the transition from accumulating wealth to developing income strategies in retirement. Schneider Consultants continues to enhance our service and we offer our Work to Retirement Transition Services to anyone struggling with how to manage the retirement planning process.

How We do it

Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part "D" Plans

We partner with national Medicare supplement and Advantage plan insurance agencies including Scholla Financial, Inc*. in Waconia, MN. These arrangements bring access to a large list of insurance companies along with depth of knowledge and ongoing service without adding to the costs of the numerous plans we can offer.

Assets to Income Planning

We have developed several successful methods of creating income from your retirement accounts while working toward maintaining the principal AND liquidity. In the current environment, we are not strong proponents of indexed, fixed or variable annuities. 

Long Term Care Planning

Everybody has a "Long-Term Care Plan." However, having a plan that includes correct asset titling and beneficiary designations; life and long-term care insurance, and possibly trust planning,* is your best chance for meeting your lifelong goals.

Social Security Planning

Applying for Social Security benefits remains one of the most important decisions an individual will make in their lifetime. Schneider Consultants provides guidance with this process to help analyze and maximize benefits based on an individual's income needs and life expectancy.